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"To provide the opportunity in our community for as many children as possible to play and enjoy cricket, community junior cricket should always be played within the spirit of cricket. The spirit of cricket means everyone involved in the match, players, umpires, coaches, scorers and spectators demonstrate respect for each other and the game. Everyone involved is responsible for creating an atmosphere and environment in which all children can thrive and enjoy themselves."

- Chair of CJCC

Game Day Rules

Coach helping kid put on a cricket helmet.

Stage 1

Year 4 and Year 5 Boys,
Year 4-5, Year 6-7 Girls

Participation focussed with strong emphasis on having fun with friends. Everyone bats and bowls!

kid batting moving feet to the ball while batting in a game.

Stage 2

Year 6 and Year 7 Boys,
Year 8-9 Girls

Mix of participation focussed matches and competitive matches. Main focus on having fun with friends, old and new!

bowler going through their bowling action, right about to release the ball during a match.

Stage 3

Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10-11 Boys,
Year 10-11-12 Girls

More competitive matches, but focus is still on having fun with friends. Take more wickets, make more runs!

Game Day Roles

Role Summary:

Every team thrives under the guidance of a dedicated coach. The coach is instrumental in organising and conducting training sessions, as well as strategically managing the team during games. Their leadership is crucial to developing players' skills and fostering team spirit.

To explore the "Coach Code of Conduct" in detail, please click the button below.

Game Day Support

Umpiring Junior Cricket

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PlayCricket Support

Match Day Resources Folder

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