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The CJCC is focused on community, participation and inclusiveness. Our grades are based on age not ability with modified formats to ensure players have the best possible experience with friends.



Group of boys smiling and showing how pumped they are for the camera.

Enjoyment is at the heart of our mission. We understand the direct correlation between the pleasure players derive from cricket and their long-term engagement in the sport. By fostering a positive, enthusiastic, and competitive environment, we aim to maximize participation and enjoyment at every level of junior cricket.

Guaranteed Participation

A group of blasters and coaches running around having fun.

Starting with the Woolworths Cricket Blast for ages 5-9, every player is guaranteed equal participation. This ensures that even as players progress to more competitive levels, opportunities remain balanced, with each player getting a chance to bat or bowl in every game.


Two girls together in their pads and helmets.

Safety is paramount in all sports, particularly junior cricket. At CJCC, we adhere strictly to Cricket Australia's safety guidelines as outlined in the 'Well Played' document. Our game formats, equipment, and facilities are all designed with the physical, mental, and social well-being of our players in mind.


A whole grade photo with a range of ages and abilities.

Our cricket formats are specifically designed to align with the developmental stages of players aged 5 to 17. These structured formats are applied consistently across all CJCC Member Associations/Councils, ensuring a cohesive and developmental progression for all players.

Current Committee

The objectives of the Council are to develop and implement policies, strategies and programs aimed at increasing participation and retention in community junior cricket across the Perth metropolitan area. To manage all junior community cricket in the greater metropolitan area of Perth and to provide leadership to, and encourage relationships with, all associations affiliated with WA Cricket and all other persons, groups and associations involved in the playing or administration of Junior Cricket.


Margie Oldfield

Vice Chairperson

Rebecca McLennan

Statewide Game Development Delegate

Margie Oldfield


Cameron Schuster

CJCA Delegate

Chris Williams

MGJCA Delegate

Mark Ozanne

NWMCA Delegate

Daniel Shorthill

PJCA Delegate

Kim Betley

SEMJCC Delegate

Simon Mead

SWMJCC Delegate

Cameron Schuster

CJCC Administrator

Debbie Beresford

WACA Affiliate Services Specialist

Chris Payne

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