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Want to take part in our mission to spread the fun and cricket, see below for different ways of getting involved and helping your community.

A coach showing how to play a shot to two of his players.

Become a Coach

Dream of shaping future cricket stars? Start your coaching journey with us! Our partnership with WA Cricket provides all the resources you'll need. Ready to inspire?

A group of kids in their Cricket Blast uniforms running together.

Join the Game

Whether you're a beginner or looking to hone your skills, finding the perfect club is just a click away. Explore local clubs and become part of our thriving cricket community.

Two umpires shaking hands


Interested in the rules of the game and keen on maintaining fair play? Learn how you can become a cricket umpire with our detailed guide at WA Cricket.

One volunteer showing something to another

Volunteer With Us

You don't need to be a cricket expert to have a huge impact! Our volunteers are crucial in creating a fun, competitive, and safe environment for everyone. Come make a difference with us!

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